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New Lead? Follow Up Using These Steps

November 13 2018

hdc new lead follow up stepsMaintaining contact with past clients and your sphere of influence can be difficult, and you already know those people. But what about those who are not your clients yet? Leads you receive online or from your listings can be used to build your business and increase your sphere of influence, but you have to maintain contact with them first.

To be successful with this, you have to have a game plan to connect with your leads as they come in and continue that connection for the long haul until they are ready to move. With these steps, you may feel that you are more prepared to build up your business with the leads that you have.

Set a Schedule and Track Your Contact Attempts

Having a schedule that will detail how you plan to reach out to your leads is a great place to start. Setting your schedule so that you are reaching out at assigned times and days will ensure that you are managing your leads in a timely and organized manner. Some details to include in your schedule are when to make your phone calls, when to send emails, and when the next follow-up should be.

When you have your schedule, you should be tracking your contact attempts as well. When doing this, do not only track the amount of times you have called or emailed, but include the successful times that you have been able to gain a response out of the lead. After a set amount of unsuccessful attempts, you can determine whether or not it will be wise to continue to try and contact the lead.

Have Different Modes of Communication

Reaching out to your leads is incredibly important to your business. Having different forms of communication with your leads will help make sure that you cover all of your bases. There are many different modes of communication you can choose from.

Sending an email and making a phone call are classic options to reach out to a lead. However, using text messages to reach out has become an increasingly popular and easy way to connect with your leads. There are many people who do not like to answer phone calls when they are busy. Sending a text message is a sure way to leave your information with your lead.

Additionally, use your social channels to reach out to your leads. Sending messages over social media is a great way to boost your engagement and show that you are truly dedicated to helping them find that perfect home.

Use Calldown Lists

You have made the effort to reach out to your leads. However, there may be those who are unable to make a decision right away or those who have told you to contact them later. Don't just toss that future business away. A calldown list will help you keep track of who you have contacted by being able to add notes regarding the lead or potential client.

Using your calldown lists and updating them regularly will be a sure way to keep your leads up-to-date. Additionally, use these lists to mark the priority of those leads that you may have contacted.

With consistent, organized effort over time, you can grow a huge database of new clients that will pay dividends for years to come.

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