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Shady Prospect? Spot 'Red Flags' with This Technique

November 13 2018

Have you ever gotten a 'funny' feeling when talking to a new prospect over the phone--like something just felt a bit 'off'? That may have been your intuition warning you that a prospect may not be who they seem.

Today, we're exploring a communication technique that will help you uncover 'red flags' that warn you to be wary of a prospect. In this week's 'Safe Selling' video, you'll learn:

  • What active listening is, and how to use it with prospects
  • How to tell a legitimate buyer from a suspicious prospect
  • The 'onion peeling process' of drilling down into what a prospect says and looking for inconsistencies
  • Why inconsistencies in what a prospect tells you are a red flag

And, bonus, while active listening can help you weed out shady prospects, it can also help you gain a deeper understanding of what real buyers need!

Stay tuned 'til next week for more safe selling techniques!