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Facebook Business Page Strategy: SEO 101

November 14 2018

ire facebook business page strategy seo 101Facebook has come a long way from its early days of college coders dreaming in a dorm room. Today, over 2 billion people use Facebook globally. More than 1 billion of those users log into Facebook daily.

Want those eyes on your real estate listings? You'll need to develop a strategy for search engine optimization (SEO), your key weapon in the fight for online visibility. These Facebook Business Page SEO fundamentals will point you in the right direction.

It's All in the Name

Personal branding lays the foundation for a Facebook business page's success. As a real estate agent, ensure that your branding is clear and consistent. When you first set up your business page, title your page as your name or brokerage, alongside "realtor," "real estate," or something similar for distinction and searchability.

Resist the urge to cram too many SEO keywords into your business page name; visitors will be skeptical of anything resembling spam, and Google may even penalize your page. Keep in mind that Google attributes the most significance to the first word of your page title.

Once your page reaches 25 likes, Facebook offers an option to create a vanity URL, which acts as a custom-branded short link for your page. Visit to test available usernames. Search engines place sizable weight on URLs, so make yours count.

Key Words

Key words are the lifeblood of search engine optimization. Imagine what words or phrases potential clients would type into the Google search bar to find services like yours. Consider both general and location-specific searches your clientele might make, and try to include keywords throughout your page.

Some examples include:

  • "Homes for sale"
  • "Find a Denver realtor"
  • "Best real estate agent"
  • "How much is my home worth?"
  • "New San Francisco CA listings"
  • "MLS listings"
  • "Foreclosures for sale"
  • "Real estate broker"

Tell Google Who You Are

When you fill out information in the "About" section of your Facebook Business Page, human visitors aren't the only ones checking it out. Make sure your page is talking to search engines successfully.

As a rule of thumb, fill out as much as you can— the "About" section, the "Our Story" section, business category, company overview, address, phone number, working hours, etc. You want as many searchable entry points as possible for your page.

Don't be afraid to scatter key words throughout these sections, so long as it's done organically. Remember, your content needs to appeal to both human and robot visitors.

Street Cred Counts

The more reputable sites with outbound links to your page, the better. Have a business website? Include a link to your Facebook Business Page on it. Have a personal blog? Hook it up. Have a colleague who is kind enough to link to your page from their own site? Take them up on it! As more sites point to your page, Google will pay respect to the street cred and boost your visibility.

Content, Content, Content

When it comes to content, always prioritize quality over quantity. Without quality content, all other SEO factors won't be worth the effort fine-tuning takes. Don't have time to comb the web each week for industry-relevant articles? Services like PIXsocial cover content curation for you. PIXsocial writers research trending content, hashtags, and keywords, so you can maximize visibility and build rapport with potential clients without lifting a finger.

Own Your Strategy

So, what's your Facebook business page strategy? Implementing these simple SEO fundamentals even just once can work wonders in boosting your online presence. Potential for more leads? Yes, please.

To view the original article, visit the Inside Real Estate blog.