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Last-minute Ad Blitz for Open House Nets 200+ Leads

November 09 2018

Are open houses useful? That depends on what you mean by 'useful.' If you mean attracting the eventual buyer of a home, that's debatable. But if you mean, Are open houses useful for filling my sales funnel? then yes, absolutely.

That's what Steve Ford, a Keller Williams agent, discovered when he was assigned to hold an open house for another agent's property at the last minute. With just 24 hours before the event, Ford had to think fast in order to generate interest—and ensure that anyone showed up at all.

He turned to the Open House Toolkit from Listings-to-Leads, which lets agents quickly market their open house with Facebook ads, landing pages, single property websites, and more. Ford ran the ad below for the 24-hour period leading up to the open house to impressive results.

L2L 2 SF F Post

So what can a Facebook ad do in just a day? Here are Ford's results:

  • Over 230 leads captured from his Listings-to-Leads open house landing page (here's an example), which were then funneled into his CRM and assigned to a drip campaign.
  • Six new pre-approved clients who responded by email and gave Ford their phone number
  • Six more families who came to the open house after seeing the ad

Ford ran the ad in four different locations: his Facebook business page, a Facebook community page for his area, Facebook Marketplace, and as a shared post on his personal Facebook profile. Here's a breakdown of how each performed:

  1. Facebook community page: drove 70 percent of leads from ad
  2. Facebook business profile: drove 20 percent of leads from ad
  3. Facebook Marketplace and Ford's personal profile: drove 10 percent of leads from ad

Ford paid paid $50 to run the ad on the community page, $25 on his business profile, and nothing on Marketplace or his personal profile. That's $75 for more than 230 leads--or a very impressive (and budget-friendly) 33 cents per lead.

  • inspiration light bulb cropTip: Notice in the ad above how Ford doesn't mention the listing price? Instead, he holds back this information in order to encourage lead conversion. On his landing page, leads can get the price, property photos, and more in return for their contact information. Test this technique out for yourself to see if it earns you more conversions.

So next time an open house is looming, don't panic. Just turn to Facebook for an efficient, affordable, and very effective way to capture new leads and drive traffic to your event.

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