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3 Pro Tips for Using Instagram Stories for Real Estate

November 04 2018

delta 3 pro tips for using instagram storiesInstagram Stories are a favorite marketing tool for many real estate agents. If you're not already using them, it's easy to get started.

Unlike posts that last in your feed indefinitely, Instagram Stories have a 24-hour shelf life unless saved, making them an excellent tool for providing timely, engaging content for your real estate audience.

Since there's little editing to do, Instagram Stories are great for creating behind the scenes content, providing advice, and helping clients build a deeper connection with your brand. So let's take a closer look at three pro tips for using Instagram Stories to grow your real estate brand.

Provide Behind the Scenes Looks at Your Life and Business

One of the most significant benefits of Instagram Stories—and the way that you'll see many celebrities using the platform—comes from their ability to provide personal, (mostly) unfiltered behind the scenes look at day-to-day life. If you have a hobby that connects to your business or community, Instagram Stories can be a great way to share your progress while building personal connections with your audience. If you stop somewhere and notice a spectacular view, share it with your followers. It's often the little things that help build connections through Instagram Stories.

Even if you don't want to provide looks at your life outside of work, you can go behind the scenes at your real estate business to show your audience what motivates you each day. If your team comes together to sponsor, volunteer at, or enjoy community events, these are all excellent opportunities to create memorable Instagram Stories.

Real Estate Tips for Buyers, Sellers and More

As with most social media platforms, showing off your real estate expertise will help you produce quality content while demonstrating what your audience can expect from your real estate business. You can use Instagram Stories to show a DIY process step-by-step, talk about steps to prepare a home for sale, showcase neighborhoods, highlight local attractions, and provide all sorts of other valuable information to your audience.

While Instagram Stories are deleted after 24 hours, you can also save Instagram Highlights, allowing you to preserve specific Stories on your profile page indefinitely. So if you have a particularly popular series of tips, a particular story from an event or anything else you feel represents your brand exceptionally well, you can make sure people who visit your page can always see it.

Bring Client Success Stories to Life

Did you help a client close on a beautiful, new home that they can't wait to show to the world? Instagram Stories allow you to capture the excitement of client success stories with a real-time reflection on the big day. This can be a great way to show off all that you have to offer for prospects and provide a sense of the happiness that comes with closing the deal on a home.

It has similar benefits to a client testimonial video posted to your website, but the personal, free-flowing nature of Instagram Stories make them the perfect tool for showing exactly why the client is so happy with your service.

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