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Using Twitter Lists to Organize Your Contacts

October 13 2011



Contributor Austin Allison of DotLoop says:

If we’ve learned anything from social media, it’s that not every contact falls into the same category. You probably aren’t going to send out the same information to current clients as you would prospective clients. You may want to send introduction information to new contacts while friendly updates might be more suitable for people you have sold to in the past.

Different People Need Different Information
Your clients can also be grouped by social dynamic. For example, young families might not be in the market for properties preferred by retired couples, and young professionals could be searching for an apartment in an exciting part of the city. For these reasons, you should be careful about how you organize your contacts.

Twitter Lists to the Rescue

Luckily, Twitter provides an easy and efficient way to simplify this process. All you need to do is create Twitter lists for the different types of clients you have as a means of sending appropriate information to each group of people. By sending out updates geared towards a particular group of contacts, you focus your efforts while saving huge amounts of time.

This helps to eliminate the painstaking process of sending updates on an individual basis or accidentally sending information to new clients that was meant for repeat clients. Using Twitter is just one of the many ways that social media can be adopted for better organization of contacts.

As more people gravitate toward social media, it’s becoming more important to establish a presence on sites such as twitter.  Establishing lists simply makes it easy to group your contacts for a more efficient way to reach out to them.

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