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Get Organized! 6 Business Apps that Can Help

October 24 2018

mobile uberificationWhen you're busy, it's easy lose track of important tasks or meetings, documents, and even your sanity! But you don't have to get comfortable with chaos on the job. In fact, you can download the solution to everyday disarray through one of many business organization apps on the market.

Read on for a list of the best organization apps for business.

Microsoft To-Do

Swap out your complicated daily workflow for a trimmed-down to-do list with Microsoft To-Do (iOS, Android). The task management and note-taking app that integrates with Microsoft Outlook lets you create custom agenda items ranging from attending meetings to picking up the kids after school and will then help you remember, plan for and share your to-dos with family members or friends. Smart features such as "Suggestions" help you prioritize must-dos over do-later tasks so that you can make the most of every hour of every day.


One of the best organization apps for ten years running, Evernote (iOS, Android) consolidates photos, web pages, notes, to-dos, audio snippets and other files you access the most into a convenient digital format. Best of all, there's no need to endlessly scroll for the file you want because the comprehensive search feature finds your uploaded files within seconds. As a bonus for business owners that must stay on top of their records, you can use the camera of your smartphone to scan sensitive documents and then keep the digitized files open to your eyes only with the app's passcode lock feature.


The ability to create and set due dates, times, and reminders for to-dos? Check. The option to sort your to-dos into lists based on their functional area? Check. An intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface? Check. Wunderlist (iOS, Android) does everything you could expect from a task management app plus a host of fancy features for business owners with complex to-dos with interdependencies on others. Add notes or comments, create subtasks or assign out to your teammates the tasks that you can't get to yourself.


As an app that curates articles, videos and other media from various online sources into a sleek and consolidated news feed customized to your interests, Pocket (iOS, Android) serves up the information and inspiration you need in a single virtual location and shaves off hours in your day of surfing through irrelevant content. As you're scrolling through your favorite content, you'll be able to tag or highlight the segments that are of the most value to you. And a lost Internet connection is never a problem. Once you've added content to your Pocket feed, you can consume it whether you're online or offline.


Can't find the scanner in your office? You might want to check your smartphone. Camscanner (iOS, Android) allows your phone to do double duty as a high-powered scanner with capabilities comparable to a physical scanner. Simply use the camera on your phone to scan a whiteboard diagram, an invoice, a receipt or contract and watch the digitized file appear in the app before your eyes. When you're finishing scanning, crop or enhance the image using the smart-cropping and image enhancement features. Or, use the e-signature feature to digitally sign a formal contract, share it or invite others to view it and make business deals on the fly.


No list of the best organization apps for small business owners is complete without IFTTT (iOS, Android). The app, named after the abbreviation of "if this, then that," allows you to automate routine tasks by enabling pre-configured or custom applets called "recipes" that carry out a specific action when a certain condition has been met. For example, you can enable a recipe to automatically have tasks you mark as completed in a task management app into a weekly digest sent to your email inbox. IFTTT works with over 600 apps, from Slack to Google Apps. So there are endless ways to simplify your workday.

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