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How to Take Your Marketing Strategies from Dull to Dynamic

October 24 2018

delta marketing strategies from dull to dynamicIs your real estate marketing feeling less than exciting? Whether you're just starting, or you've been relying on the same marketing tools for years, there's never a wrong time to add some fresh ideas to your marketing mix. That can mean stepping out of your comfort zone or just making sure that you're getting maximum value from your current tactics.

Taking your real estate marketing from dull to dynamic starts with having a plan, and investigating all of the marketing tools available to your real estate business.

Refresh your real estate marketing with these proven tips:

Keep Up with the Latest Trends

Real estate marketing is continually evolving. A quick Google search will reveal that there are a ton of popular websites for learning more about real estate marketing and general topics, so finding and bookmarking a few sites that you trust will allow you to keep up with the latest marketing tactics over time. In addition to keeping up with marketing trends, it's also a good idea to bookmark your favorite sources of real estate content. Checking out quality content can give you ideas for your work, allowing you to build upon and cite the work of others while adding your insights.

Be More Than Present on Social Media

Setting up an appealing, engaging profile page on popular social media sites is a great start, but it won't make your marketing dynamic on its own. To get the most out of social media, you need to engage. Share exciting content, comment on the posts of others, start conversations, and respond when someone reaches out to your through social channels. Clients want to see more than listings on social media. They want to know about you and your business.

Take to the Sky for Fantastic Video Content

Virtual tours, how-to videos, and home buying / selling video content are all great tools, but knowledgeable members of your audience will likely have seen these things before from other sources. Take your real estate video content to the next level by using aerial drone footage, whether you're trying to showcase a unique listing or highlight the beauty of the communities where you sell homes from a new perspective.

Become a One-Stop Shop for Real Estate Expertise

Your website should be one of your most powerful marketing tools as a real estate agent, but that can only happen if you provide the information that your audience comes to see. Make sure that your website is filled with content that truly touches on the interests of your clients. In addition to general advice about real estate topics, you want prospects to think of your website when they want to learn about homes, neighborhoods, and communities in your area.

Be Authentic on Every Platform

An easy way to fall into the trap of dull marketing is to do what others are doing without putting your unique stamp on things. Real estate prospects value authenticity, whether you're peeling back the curtain in your content to provide a look at what makes you tick, or simply interacting on social media. Being authentic makes it easier for people to engage with your brand, and build lasting connections.

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