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Safe Selling: Authoritative Language vs. Subservient Language

October 15 2018

What kind of language do you use on your website and in your marketing? Is it weak, subservient language that attracts predators--or do you repel criminals with confident, strong language?

Last week, we learned how agents can project power in their headshots in order to repel predators. In this week's Safe Selling video, we're taking the 'power' concept one step further by showing you how to convey power in your marketing copy.

Why is being mindful of the language you use important? Well, if a predator has already started to focus on you, using subservient language is going to keep their attention on you. Because they're looking to have power over others, weakness in language signals that you're potentially a subservient target for them.

Watch the video above to learn:

  • The word you should NEVER use in your real estate marketing
  • The phrase you should use instead
  • Why strong language will attract more business while deterring dangerous criminals

Tune in next week for more 'Safe Selling' advice!