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How Reverse Prospecting Can Work for You

October 05 2018

delta how reverse prospecting can work for youYour MLS is one of your most valuable marketing tools as a real estate agent because it allows prospects to use your real estate website to search listings based on their unique preferences and find the right match for their needs. In other words, MLS search helps the right client find the right home. But wouldn't it be nice if you could also help the right house find the right client?

Learning how to use reverse prospecting can help you uncover new opportunities for your real estate business.

How Reverse Prospecting Helps Your Real Estate Business

When prospects search for potential homes on your website, they have the option of saving their search preferences and setting up alerts. Reverse prospecting allows you to both connect with sellers whose preferences match your listing, and get an idea of the interest level in a potential listing before you even put the home on the market.

  1. Connect with Buyers and Their Agents
    One benefit of reverse prospecting is that it puts you in contact with buyers and their agents, so it's both a prospecting and networking tool. When you identify an agent who has opted into reverse prospecting and has a client who may be interested in your listing, you can contact the buyer's agent directly to let them know that you have a listing that may perfectly match their client's needs.

  2. Client Information Is Confidential
    While reverse prospecting reveals information about how prospects search for homes, all personal information is typically kept confidential.

  3. How to Introduce Reverse Prospecting to Other Agents
    Since not every agent knows about reverse prospecting, you'll occasionally have some confusion when you call to let them know you have a great home for their client. Explaining how reverse prospecting works and how client information is kept confidential will help get unfamiliar agents comfortable with the idea of reverse prospecting.

  4. Setting Up Reverse Prospecting in the DeltaNetâ„¢ for Listing Presentations
    The DeltaNetâ„¢ Reverse Prospecting Report creates a report automatically filled in with your company colors and an introductory paragraph. Based on registered buyers in your system who indicated specific features when creating an account, you can pull a list of buyers showing how many people might be interested in their home if it were listed that day.

Are you interested in learning more about using reversing prospecting to grow your real estate business online? Agents now have the ability to manually create AVM-based Reverse Prospecting reports through the Customer Profile page in the DeltaNetâ„¢ from Delta Media Group. Watch this video to learn more.

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