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Safe Selling: Is Your Prospect Actually a Thief? How to Tell

October 02 2018

 Did you know that a prospective buyer who 'dust checks' a window may really be a thief who's planning to burglarize the listing later?

That's just one of the many behaviors thieves display that--if you know what to look for--can give them away as criminals.

Last week, we touched briefly on how to identify thieves during a home tour, and we showed you a scam called "The Couple's Play." This week, we're diving deeper by highlighting some of the most common behaviors thieves display during a showing.

Watch the video above to learn:

  • Why single buyers are more likely to be burglars
  • How thieves use a 'dust check' to unlock windows for later reentry
  • The type of photo a prospect takes that fingers them as a likely thief
  • Questions to look out for that indicate your prospect may intend to burglarize the home later

Tune in next week when we'll learn more about staying safe on the job!