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October Content Ideas for Your Blog and Social Channels

September 30 2018

hdc october content ideasCreating fresh, unique content is an easy way to make an impact and grow your social media audience. However, coming up with content ideas to write about can be hard! Instead of spending hours trying to come up with new topics for your social channels and blog, check back with us each month for a list of ideas you can expand upon. Find October's topics below to get started!

  • Tip: Set measurable, attainable goals with clear start and end dates to help you stay focused and grow your online presence.

Download a printable version of these topics here!

Holidays and Occasions

Some of the many month-long observances in October include Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and National Pizza Month. Here are some other things happening this October and some content ideas you can create around them.

World Smile Day – October 5th

  • Jokes to make people laugh
  • A picture showing off a recent client's smile after closing
  • Highlight a local comedian or comedy club

Boss's Day – October 16th

  • Funny Boss Day cakes
  • Great gifts to get your boss
  • Easy potluck recipes

Make a Difference Day – October 27th

  • Share your favorite volunteer experience
  • Encourage your followers to share their plans with #MakeADifferenceDay
  • Raise awareness for a good cause

Halloween – October 31st

  • Top ten pumpkin patches
  • Best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating
  • Poll to find people's favorite Halloween candy

General Topics

Holiday content is great, but be sure to mix in plenty of general interest topics to keep your content well-rounded.

  • Where to get the best onion rings in town
  • Different ways to use a loft
  • Local haunted houses / ghost tours
  • How to identify an investment scam
  • Highlight an adoptable pet from your local shelter
  • Self defense classes in your city
  • New job opportunities in your area

Real Estate

As a real estate professional, it's important for you to discuss real estate topics on your blog and social networks. Some topics that may appeal to your audience include:

  • Tips for living in a home listed for sale
  • Tenant rights
  • Credit score factors
  • Moving tips
  • Popular property features
  • Investment homes
  • Buying a foreclosure

We hope some of these ideas are helpful and make it easier to reach your content creation goals!

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