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Using Google Calendars to Organize Your Network

October 11 2011



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Contributor Austin Allison of DotLoop says:

One of the biggest challenges to staying organized is the time and effort it takes to organize things in the first place. Who has time for keeping every file, document, and other aspect of work organized when there is so much else that needs to be done?

Enter: Google Calendar

Fortunately, like so many other problems people have, technology has come to the rescue. Some of the best available solutions also happen to be free and can be easily incorporated into everyday life. One such highly valuable, easy to use tool is the Google Calendar. Owned by the search engine giant of the same name, this cloud-based calendar program is perfect for anyone working in the real estate industry.

How It Makes a Difference

Reason being, you can organize your schedule by adding, editing and deleting events like a regular calendar. However, unlike conventional calendars, you can also electronically share your Google Calendar with other people, create more than one calendar, and schedule updates reminding people of important meetings or events.  Therefore, everyone sharing a calendar is kept in the loop about everything, at all times.

Organize to Optimize

Google Calendar makes it easy to stay organized because it’s simple to use and can be updated and viewed as long as you have an Internet connection. When used in conjunction with real estate technologyreal estate technology, it is the best way to stay organized, and lead be more productive in you business.

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