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Straight Facts on REALTOR Safety

October 10 2011

You’ve seen the news; it seems we’re reading more and more about real estate agents becoming victims of violence. Safety leader Moby, S.A.F.E., and Agent Genius recently collaborated on a report about this very subject. We spoke with Rob Goehring, Co-Founder, VP Product Management and Marketing of Moby to learn more. He shared a few key facts.

  1. “Thursday and Friday afternoons are the times when the majority of attacks occurred,” says Mr. Goehring.
  2. “Of those attacks,” Mr. Goehring continues, “30% of the victims were male.”
  3. “Surprisingly,” he says, “most attacks occurred outside of major metro areas.”
  4. Mr. Goehring also explains that guns were used in 50% of attacks. And that robbery was most often the initial motivation, although the attacks often escalated to murder.

Click hereClick here to view the full report from Agent Genius, Moby, and S.A.F.E.

Mr. Goehring explains that the goal of the report was to understand the cause of the increased violence in the industry. “Perhaps if we have a better understanding of the ‘why,’ we can find a way to reduce these frightening numbers.”

Looking for Patterns
As the Agent Genius articlethe Agent Genius article so eloquently points out:

“What we found will frustrate some people. We ultimately discovered that there is no face of a standard victim, no face of a standard attacker, and no common theme between the many attacks. Some attacks were simply robberies, some were in luxury listings, others in foreclosures, some were sexual assaults in a basement, another was a woman attacked on a front porch by a client she already knew, and another was an apparent revenge kill. The only common threads between these attacks are (1) there is no common thread, everyone is equally vulnerable and (2) many lives have been altered this year as people have lost loved ones or have been attacked.”

So, what can agents do to keep themselves from being victims of a crime? Moby offers several suggestions:

  • Trust your instincts
  • Use the buddy system
  • Take self defense classes
  • Consider a personal safety tool like the Moby mobile app.

About the Moby App
Moby is a convenient, easy-to-use Smartphone app intended to protect personal safety. With Moby, users can schedule check-ins. Their Smartphone will ask them is they are safe; if the agent does not respond, Moby will notify a designated contact(s) with the agent’s current, exact location. Or, users may decide to use the Tracking Tool, which will automatically send their location to contacts, even without a prompt. Also, the Alert Tool will send emergency services or contacts your exact location with only the touch of a button.

Moby works for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.