WATCH: Join the Broker Public Portal Movement -- Find Out What the Buzz Is All About

September 14 2018

Property portals dominate the consumer search landscape, but they're an ever-increasing expense for brokers and agents. In fact, Zillow's latest quarterly report said that agents spending $5k per month or more increased 58 percent!

There's got to be a better way--and there is. It's called the Broker Public Portal (BPP), an industry-run portal built by "the people who sell homes, not ads." Leads are free to agents, and the BPP operates under Fair Display Guidelines.

We explored the Broker Public Portal movement last week in webinar with broker and association guests from MRED, NWMLS and Homesnap, the BPP's technology partner and consumer-facing brand.

Watch the recorded webinar below to learn what the BPP is, how you can join the movement, and how the BPP revolution is already well underway--BPP with Homesnap is already available to 900,00 agents nationwide. Check out the video to learn more!

Webinar Guests

  • Steve Barnes, President and Co-Founder, Homesnap
  • Tom Hurdelbrink, President and CEO, Northwest Multiple Listing Service
  • Jeff Lasky, COO, Midwest Real Estate Data
  • John Deely, Principal Managing Broker, Coldwell Banker Bain
  • Moderator: Marilyn Wilson, Co-founder and President, RE Technology

Video Timeline

0:00 - Moderator Marilyn Wilson introduces the topic and panelists.

1:26 - What started the Broker Public Portal movement? Marilyn provides background on BPP's history.

4:26 - Marilyn hands it off to Steve Barnes, expert on how program works. Steve explains how the BPP is governed by the industry—"run by the people who sell homes, not ads"—and how it operate under Fair Display Guidelines.

7:30 - Why join the BPP?

8:47 - Why Homesnap? Steve explains how Homesnap emerged as the partner and public facing brand for the portal.

9:43 - Timeline of Homesnap's evolution.

14:15 - BPP benefits for all those involved, both strategic and practical. This includes free leads to brokers and agents, a dashboard, free MLS system integration, and more.

18:42 - Overview of integration with MLS software providers.

19:49 - Overview of broker benefits. This includes branding throughout apps and portal, a broker dashboard that shows how agents are using Homesnap Pro, and more.

22:52 - Overview of benefits to agents. Homesnap is free to agents, they can invite their clients and communicate with them from the app, and leads go to listing agents.

25:05 - What are the benefits to consumers?

27:08 - Homesnap training resources available to brokers, MLSs, and agents.

28:34 - Discussion of the cost to MLSs, and a heat map of markets where Homesnap is used.

31:04 - Steve answers questions from the audience.

39:32 - Steve hands it off to Tom Hurdelbrink, who shares how the BPP came to operate in the Seattle area, NWMLS.

40:07 - How NWMLS brokers get excited about BPP, despite traditionally looking "at the portal industry with great trepidation"?

49:13 - John Deely shares how NWMLS brokers went from opposing using anything that didn't send consumers through their own websites to approving BPP.

53:14 - John and Tom on BPP's adoption rate and how agents and brokerages use it across the NWMLS region.

56:41 - Jeff Lasky of MRED on BPP adoption and engagement in Chicago area.

58:15 - Because MRED also operates in a market where MLS consumer websites were a 'no,' Marilyn asks Jeff how BPP became accepted in their market and how brokers got excited about it.

1:00:02 - Jeff talks about MRED brokers' consumer outreach campaign. He says they have a two-pronged marketing approach for engaging the consumer: agent outreach (agent invites their clients) and consumer direct outreach.

1:03:30 - Jeff shows examples of consumer outreach ads that are being tested in the MRED market.

1:05:19 - Jeff and Tom share their advice to MLSs that haven't signed up for the BPP yet, and why it's time to be part of it.

1:09:11 - Find out how to learn more about BPP: Contact Eugene Gligor at [email protected] or (240) 498-5039.

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