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6 Tips and Tricks to Get Organic Followers on LinkedIn and Twitter

September 11 2018

hdc get organic followers linkedin and twitter 1There's a lot of information out there discussing the ways a brand can organically grow its Facebook Business Page, but sadly, not as many resources regarding other social media platforms. Yes, Facebook may be noted as the largest social network, but your business can (and should) expand its reach across other sites. LinkedIn and Twitter, for example, are two channels where many businesses set up profiles, but never fully utilize their accounts.

Let us familiarize you with the benefits of LinkedIn and Twitter and provide a little insight on why your business should actively try to expand its reach on both.


LinkedIn was designed with business professionals in mind and it continues to be one of the most popular social media platforms for businesses to connect with clients and employees. With over 50 percent of members using the platform to learn about company news, products, and services, according to DreamGrow, LinkedIn is a terrific place to help businesses drive results and brand awareness.


In 2018, Twitter is still one of the most widely-used social sites today. With over a quarter of a billion users, Twitter offers great opportunities for businesses to grow. Not to mention, the site's recent push to eliminate spam accounts has helped them regain credibility. Fun fact: did you know that Tweets are indexed by Google? This means your Tweets are used in keyword searches and can affect your SEO rankings. Mind blown.

Six simple items that are often overlooked when growing a Twitter and LinkedIn presence are below. Let's begin!

1) Don't be invisible.

hdc get organic followers linkedin and twitter 2Tell folks you're on LinkedIn and Twitter! One of the first lessons I learned after I became a REALTOR® was not to be an "invisible agent." Just like people won't know you are in real estate unless you tell them, how are they going to know to find you on LinkedIn or Twitter if you don't tell them to look for you? Start increasing your visibility by including your social links in your email signature and on any online profiles you have. You never know when an old acquaintance will try to reach out to you if you're not actively building professional connections.

2) Invite the people you already know.

You can invite your friends and contacts to connect with you through LinkedIn and Twitter. This step can be a crucial part of your upfront success on these networks. Start with the people you know, then expand from there. Social media is always more fun when you actually know the people on there with you!

3) Let your humorous side show.

hdc get organic followers linkedin and twitter 3The world can feel pretty serious at times, so throwing in a little humor can help your business speak to clients in a lighthearted, yet memorable voice. This doesn't mean you need to change your message, just give it a little extra flavor. Try thinking of an appropriate level of humor: somewhere between Wendy's and the cut-and-dry mortgage information.

4) Make sure you have a hardy profile.

It's not a difficult task to sign up on a social network; you just put in your name, email, password, and you're done. But are you, really? Creating a strong profile sets you apart from those folks who more-or-less want to check off a box for their business. This is a two-part idea though; a robust profile is good, but a consistently updated, robust profile is GRRREAT!

5) Utilize a few of the items that make LinkedIn and Twitter unique.

LinkedIn offers a section called "Skills" where you can add your specialties while getting your followers to endorse those skills. Add up to 50 skills and show potential clients your multifaceted talents.

Use Twitter's "Moments" to reconnect with your followers through a series of tweets placed in a single Moment. Twitter's help page explains that "Twitter Moments are curated stories about what's happening around the world — powered by Tweets." Imagine the possibilities your business can create by sharing your achievements and successes. Listings, open houses, and closings can all be showcased for current and past clients.

6) Lastly, invite the contacts in your email to connect.

hdc get organic followers linkedin and twitter 4This tip is similar to #2, yet very different. As a business professional, you have most likely communicated with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people. Invite them all to connect with you on LinkedIn and Twitter. "All my contacts?" Seems like a hefty task, right? It's actually not nearly as bad as it may seem. LinkedIn and Twitter both give you an option to import your email contacts.

Social media success on platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter can sometimes be tough to tackle, yet organic growth is very possible and easy to achieve! Utilize these six strategies to help increase your business' results on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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