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8 Unique and Simple Ways to Get Real Estate Leads

August 31 2018

keys new saleIf you can generate real estate leads without expending a lot of effort or money, your business can only benefit. Traditional methods of lead generation may be simple as well, but they may not be very effective, and they surely aren't very much fun.

What follows is a list of simple, creative, outside-the-box methods for lead generation. Not only are they simple, but they cost little to no money, and you might even have some fun with them.

1. Wear a Nametag in Public

If people know you're a real estate agent, they are more likely to ask you questions about the current state of the market or advice on buying or selling a property. A nametag can be a conversational "in," an ice-breaker that tells people that you're approachable and knowledgeable without your having to say a word.

Better yet, strike up conversations with people while wearing your nametag, perhaps while standing in line at the grocery store or the post office. Your badge will indicate that you're a professional and not just a random, overly chatty stranger.

2. Frequent the Same Restaurant

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name—especially if you're trying to generate new real estate leads. Instead of driving all over town to meet with clients or business associates, schedule all your meetings at the same establishment. Becoming a regular customer allows you to build a rapport with the wait staff, which will not only impress your clients by making you appear in touch with the community, but you will also get the best tables.

Getting to know the other regulars will place you top-of-mind when they are ready to buy or sell. Furthermore, if you schedule your appointments in quick succession, you can introduce clients to business associates such as lenders, and everyone benefits from this form of networking.

3. Forge Alliances

In your business, you'll be working with other professionals such as bankers and commercial lenders. Seek out the best among these professionals and form alliances with them. If you refer clients to them, you can expect to be repaid in kind. Don't neglect to make connections with divorce lawyers, a potentially rich source of lead generation.

4. Throw a Housewarming Party

In addition to being inexpensive and straightforward, this is a fun way to generate leads. Approximately 30 days after closing, throw your client a housewarming party. Invite their friends and neighbors. Cohost with your professional partners; this way, you can defray the cost and everyone will make valuable contacts at the party.

It's always helpful to be able to back up your claims with proof, and what better way to prove to your clients' friends that you're an effective agent than by showing off their fabulous new home? Be sure to talk to the new neighbors too, and ask if they've thought about selling.

5. Open Houses

Instead of going out to find leads, let them come to you. Host your own open house, or offer to host one for another agent if you don't have any current listings of your own.

Plenty of signs in the neighborhood will instill curiosity in the neighbors, and as they come in, you can ask them if they're ready to sell. As many as four percent of sellers report that they met their agent at an open house.

However, don't stop at hosting your own open houses. Attend other agents' open houses as well. Many of the potential buyers at an open house will be unrepresented, so here's your chance to talk to them, find out what they're looking for, and explain what you can do for them.

6. Rescue FSBOs and Expired Listings

Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? If you can revive an expired listing or mobilize a sluggish for-sale-by-owner (FSBO), you may well be regarded as the one who swooped in to save the day.

It can be a delicate matter, however, particularly with an FSBO. The owners may be selling the property themselves because a past experience has burned them. Start by asking questions and offering to bring interested buyers around. Don't be too pushy.

7. Start a Real Estate Blog

More people are starting their real estate search online, looking at interesting properties on listing websites long before they ever talk to a real estate agent.

If your potential clients are online, you should be online too to reach them. By writing a blog and having a strong social media presence, you'll not only be providing useful information, but you'll be demonstrating your expertise to potential clients.

8. Post Community Information on Your Website

If you don't have the time for blogging, you can still use the Internet to generate leads by posting useful information about your community on your website. If potential buyers are new to the area, they'll probably be searching online to find out more about it. By posting community information on your website, you'll be establishing yourself as an authority.

These methods of real estate lead generation are easy, inexpensive, and sometimes fun. If you put effort into them, they work. Experiment with a few to see which work best for you.

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