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Showing Safety: Where to Stand During a Home Tour, Part 2

August 27 2018

We're re-running this popular agent safety video series from Real Safe Agent on our broker channel to highlight the importance of safety on the job. Brokers, please feel free to share and/or reuse this content on your own blog, website, social media account, internal communications, and beyond!

How can agents stay safe during a showing? Over the past three weeks, we've been breaking down proactive measures agents can take to ensure their safety--both before and during a showing.

This week, our video series wraps up with a demonstration on where to stand during a home tour. Last week, you learned where to stand in the entryway and kitchen. In today's video, find out how to safely position yourself in the rest of the house. Watch this video to learn:

  • Where to stand in the living room during a showing
  • Where to stand when prospects are touring rooms down a hallway
  • What to do when the garage is your exit point
  • What to do when a sliding glass door is your exit point
  • How to make sure you can exit from the backyard

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