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How Social Media Dashboards Boost Your Online Presence

October 06 2011



Contributor Austin Allison of DotLoop says . . .

Good, solid communication is vital to success in the real estate industry. However, It can be tough to establish and nurture relationships with lots of potential clients. That’s why many REALTORS® have begun leveraging social media dashboards to aggregate their contacts for more effective and efficient way to direct their communication activities.

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All Accounts in One Place
Users can manage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts from a single space, rather than logging into each individual account. Therefore users can send the same message across all sites or individual messages targeted at a specific site. 

Why Use a Social Media Dashboard?

Social media dashboards have allowed people and businesses to make strides in their social media presence by reaching an increasingly connected group of customers and industry peers. That’s why many companies, DotLoopDotLoop included, continually use social media dashboards to engage with and maintain communication with their customers and interested parties.


With every avenue of social media in one place, you’ll be able to monitor conversations people have in reference to buying or selling a home.  You can answer questions, share expertise and provide valuable information to others with ease and transparency across all social media channels. That’s why so many REALTORS® have leveraged these social media dashboards to help build relationships with existing and potential clients.

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Is it time for you to start leveraging social media dashboards?

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