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Showing Safety: Where to Stand During a Home Tour

August 20 2018

We're re-running this popular agent safety video series from Real Safe Agent on our broker channel to highlight the importance of safety on the job. Brokers, please feel free to share and/or reuse this content on your own blog, website, social media account, internal communications, and beyond!

If you tuned in last week, you know just how to prepare a home in order to stay safe during a showing. But there's still one last thing you need to do before your prospects arrive...

It's called "blocking," or planning where you're going to stand during a home tour. The objective is to be aware of the home's layout and position yourself in a way that doesn't make you vulnerable to potential predators. This means keeping in mind line of sight, your visibility to the outside, and access and exit points.

In this week's agent safety video, you'll learn:

  • Where to guide your prospects first
  • How to identify possible 'choke points'
  • How to use home features, like countertops, to distance and protect you
  • And how to pull it all off while still seeming warm and welcoming!

Stay tuned until next week when we'll talk more about staying safe during showings!