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Realtor Safety: Navigating Stairs without Making Yourself Vulnerable to Attack

August 06 2018

We're re-running this popular agent safety video series from Real Safe Agent on our broker channel to highlight the importance of safety on the job. Brokers, please feel free to share and/or reuse this content on your own blog, website, social media account, internal communications, and beyond!

We're continuing our new video series of safety tips for agents in the field. Last month, we learned how to open a door and lockbox without being vulnerable to potentially dangerous prospects.

Today, we turn our attention to safety tips inside a home during a showing--how to safely navigate stairs.

Julie and Lee with Real Safe Agent point out that the conventional wisdom--allowing your prospect to go all the way up the stairs before you follow them--is wrong. Why? Because it gives prospects ample time to turn a corner out of your line of sight and potentially get into an ambush position.

How should you climb a staircase instead? Watch the short video above for more information and a demonstration.

Tune in next time for more agent safety tips!