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Should You Use Live Chat Apps on Your Website?

July 30 2018

Live chat apps are literally popping up everywhere. Today, we'll take a look at this talked about tech, and whether or not it might be right for your business.

Put a Bug in Your Ear

You spend countless hours driving traffic to your real estate website. But in your business, and with today's instant-access lifestyle, it's easy for first-time visitors to feel ignored. Let's face it, as much as it would be great for initial client contact to be one-on-one with you, the nature of the realty business makes a prompt, live response tough to tackle.

Live chat apps can be a boon, stepping in to offer real-time answers to potential clients. Doubly-effective, this virtual back-and-forth can also lead to follow-up conversations, providing valuable client insight.

Listen Up!

Live chat apps are highly effective in real estate marketing. Despite the industry's typical lag-time in response to tech, agents and brokerages are jumping aboard due to the bountiful benefits:

Increased Opportunity

Brokerages leveraging live chat apps see a 36 percent increase in leads, on average – more than lead sources from prominent listing portals and website contact forms.

Quality Leads

For each lead garnered through chat services, about 49 percent are sufficient to qualify for agent follow-up.

Higher Conversions

REAL Trends points to a conversion rate of 7.5 percent with live chat – three times the average for general online leads, at 2.7 percent. Triggered properly, these rates could increase as much as 11 percent.

Are You Leaving Potential Clients Wandering in a Virtual Desert?

By taking advantage of live chat services, you can quickly snag clients before they go elsewhere in search of answers to their questions, keeping them right where you want them – with you.

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