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Who's Attacking Real Estate Agents?

July 30 2018

We're re-running this popular agent safety video series from Real Safe Agent on our broker channel to highlight the importance of safety on the job. Brokers, please feel free to share and/or reuse this content on your own blog, website, social media account, internal communications, and beyond!

Can real estate agents get attacked in affluent, low crime areas?

That's the question Lee Goldstein tackles in this week's Realtor safety video.

The short answer: yes, absolutely. Violence against Realtors isn't a crime of opportunity--it's premeditated and planned out by predators.

In this short video, you'll learn:

  • How crime against agents differs from ordinary street crime
  • Why the affluence of the area you serve doesn't matter
  • The average profile of predators who target real estate agents--it may not be who you think!

Stay tuned 'til next week for more tips and tricks on staying safe in the field!