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5 Ways to Take Your Advertising from Boring to Amazing

July 22 2018

hdc take your advertising from boring to amazingThere are ads that help, ads that hurt, and ads that are just kind of there. We talk a lot about Facebook ads and native ads (our two favorite ad types). Native ads are good because they blend in, but when you want to stand out, ads posted on social media are great for gaining exposure.

The problem is, there are a ton of cool things to look at on social media. To compete, you have to be different.

Check out the fun, creative print ads below for inspiration. I'll break down why they're effective and how you can use those techniques to make your own ads more distinctive.

1. Less is more.

Example: WeightWatchers®

What they did right:

This may be my favorite ad ever. With three words and a really on-point image, WeightWatchers® communicates a whole journey from problem to solution using their program. Psychologically, the simplicity of the ad makes it seem like the process itself is simple—a major plus.

How you can apply this technique:

Cluttering your ad with too many words makes it seem complicated and confusing. Keep simplicity in mind to set new buyers and sellers at ease and lean on images to get your point across.

2. Demonstrate a problem.

Example: Listermint

What they did right:

Clearly this sermon isn't having the desired effect. The congregation is huddled in the back corner, trying to escape the preacher's bad breath. There's even a wilted plant on the left. Listermint's ad uses humor to show how badly things can go if you don't use their mouthwash.

How you can apply this technique:

Think about common pain points that pop up in a real estate transaction and tie in the idea that it wouldn't have happened had they worked with you. For example, if you wanted to address listings that sit on the market, you could create an ad that shows a listing with a "for sale" sign covered in cobwebs. Adding a CTA that says they "Should have called [you]" would be a quick, easy way to suggest that other agents will let their listing sit on the market for months while you'll get it sold.

3. Highlight a benefit or solution.

Example: Volkswagen

What they did right:

This ad takes a feature – Volkswagen's precision parking technology – and compares it to a porcupine parked perfectly among plastic bags with fish in them. This highlights the benefits of the technology. Volkswagen could have used a picture of a car backing into a narrow space, but using the porcupine creates a stronger emotional reaction and communicates why you need their precision parking technology.

How you can apply this technique:

What makes you different from other agents in the area? Is it your technology? Your connections? Your experience? Figure it out and build your ad around how your differentiating feature benefits your clients. For example, if you have a history of great service, show that it's easy for clients to get in touch with you.

4. Support your community.

Example: Dawn

What they did right:

Any dish soap will clean your dishes, but this ad shows that if you buy Dawn, you'll be saving wildlife like that cute baby seal. They attract your attention with the coupon-style cut-out lines that tie in to the idea that a dollar of every bottle purchased will go to saving wildlife.

How you can apply this technique:

Pretty much any real estate agent can help someone buy or sell a home. But if they work with you, what happens? Do you sponsor a little league team? Work them into your ad. Do you donate school supplies for each visitor who stops by your open house? Focus your ad on that. Show how you support your community and offer a way for others to get involved if they contact you.

5. Subvert expectations.

Example: National Agency for the Fight Against Illiteracy in France

What they did right:

This is one makes you look twice. At first glance, you think you're looking at a movie poster. Look closer and you realize it's all about illiteracy. According to this ad, "Over 3 million people in France will regrettably keep on thinking that this is an ad for a Film with Dragons." They have this ad in a variety of formats, where you think you're looking at an ad for a new computer, a new car, a new bikini, and so on.

How you can apply this technique:

There's a lot of "follow the leader" in real estate. Most listing descriptions are built similarly, most people consider a view of the front of the house the primary listing photo, and most ads are a compilation of an agent's name, photo, brokerage, logo, designations, contact info, and a CTA to the effect of "Call me for all your real estate needs." Don't be afraid to do something different.

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