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4 Email Marketing Truths to Boost Your Lead Conversion (and How to Do It)

July 19 2018

wa 4 email marketing truthsWhen it comes to online marketing, aside from social media, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to boost lead conversion. With modern email marketing tools, creating effective emails has never been easier. But first, let's take a deeper look at four email marketing truths to boost your lead conversion and how to do it.

Have a Clear Call to Action on Your Website

The first step to creating an email that boosts your lead conversion is to become an expert at collecting email addresses. There plenty of ways to go about this, but you need to make a concentrated effort on collecting emails or your marketing list will never materialize and become effective in generating leads. It's vital that you make sure your website is set up to drive visitors to opt in to your emails.

Make the call to action clear, bold and easy to sign up for on your blog. The CTA should be one of the most prominent things on your website. The email signup form should also have no more than three lines to fill out to complete the form.

Tips for creating a strong CTA:

  • Identify a clear benefit that the reader will receive when they subscribe. "Real estate news straight to your inbox – daily."
  • Offer a clear command or directive such as "subscribe now." You want the CTA to be a command, not a suggestion.
  • Offer the reader social proof and provide reasons for them to consider opting in to your emails.

Send Emails Often

A lot of agents try to minimize the amount of emails they send, but you can probably send out more email than you think. In a recent study, Hubspot found that there wasn't a strong correlation between both unsubscribes and click-through rates and the amount of email being sent. Don't go overboard and send multiple emails a day, but also don't hesitate to send out a few emails a week.

Create Fabulous Content

Everything you send out to a potential client or a prospect should be something of value. Think of it in terms of what you're trading them for their time. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with email marketing is to send out content that is selfish, or only about you. An email should be chock-full of tips, resources, data, listings and plenty of helpful information to encourage the recipient to reach out for more information.


Experiment with how you send your emails by A/B testing subject lines. Typically, subject lines that are 30 characters or less have the highest open rates. You should also experiment with different send times to determine when your audience is reading their email and when they have the time to click-through the email. This will help you target the correct time frame to schedule out the email.

Social media scientist Dan Zarrella found that email click-through rates tend to be almost twice as high on the weekend and that emails sent earlier in the morning tend to get more clicks.

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