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Real Estate Marketing: How to Avoid Your Buyer Calling Another Agent

October 04 2011

I had a listing flyer on my doorstep last night with a sticker across the top that said “Buyers Wanted!”. Of course it’s implied that a buyer is always wanted for a listed home, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen an Agent advertise that they really need one. Having a client who is looking to purchase Real Estate is always of value, but in most “markets du jour” with excess inventory and economic uncertainty, Buyers have become a highly valued commodity.

As such, competition can become fierce for Buyers and, as any Agent knows, a potential buyer spends a lot of time on the internet researching listings on their own. What they find there, other than Real Estate listings, are loads and loads real estate marketing online for many other Agents in the area – some of which will have a listing that your Buyer is interested in.

So, what can an Agent or Brokerage do to minimize the chances of their purchase clients contacting someone else? While you may not be able to avoid things like flyers on your client’s door step, you can reduce the amount of time a Buyer spends on general Real Estate websites. This might seem tough, but if you are able to provide your clients with a “private” source for their up-to-date Real Estate market information, it could reduce the likelihood they go out to search other sites. One great tactic to do this is sending an Agent or Broker branded email which provides the most up to date information on all of the listings that meet their criteria – and maybe a few others to consider.

Some Agents already do this by setting up a search in their MLS and running it repeatedly, for each client, often many times a week if not every day. Others use an application that automates the email, which is nice, but often the communication generated will feel automated and lack a personal connection. AgentAchieve provides real estate technology that tackles both challenges. It will automate your client listing emails, allowing a very finite level of property specifications or more of a broad approach. Within the email, your client can communicate directly with you about any listings they have interest in or questions about. No copy and paste of addresses or flipping between emails or even venturing out to another Real Estate website. It’s a really powerful and effective way to keep the communication lines open with your clients and make their home search easier.