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Don’t Be Afraid to Screw it Up

October 04 2011


Creative Writing 150x150

Guest contributor Anita Koppens of Dynamic Page Solutions says . . .

I just wanted to make this post short and sweet because sometimes when we get ready to write a blog or explore some new faction of social media, we get hung up on making it perfect or profound or understanding it inside and out. We always want to be and sound like the expert and that is certainly a good thing but it can also be stifling to creativity. As I’ve been sitting here anxiously thinking about what I’m going to write about, it dawned on me that I’m causing the problem by over analyzing. I’m not suggesting we should just say or write whatever is on our minds because that may be off topic and at times a little crazy, but letting a little personality show may be endearing to some readers.

I speak to a lot of real estate agents that are overly concerned with getting it just right and looking for a specific recipe for online success in social media. Certainly there are some social media experts that would say, yes, there is a specific recipe and I’d like to sell it to you, but approaching the idea of online engagement like a soldier can be the death of your muse. It’s a lot less intimating to get out there and DO if we’re not stuck obsessing over the perfect length of a blog post or the precise number of links to use in that blog post and is my anchor text matching precisely with my page title.

Creative Writing

The same can be said for social media. I guess you can break your Facebook page, but not really to my knowledge unless you delete it, so get gutsy and explore the different options. Likewise for Twitter or any other social media accounts you may have. The web is a constantly evolving realm so most of us are learning and stumbling as new things develop right along with you. The worst case scenario is that you may have to start something over but you will have learned something new about marketing yourself online as a real estate agentmarketing yourself online as a real estate agent and will hopefully have developed more confidence in your abilities to engage online.

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