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4 Reasons Your Homebuyer Following Isn't Growing On Facebook

July 02 2018

hasap fb following isnt growing 1Are you struggling to drive buyer traffic to your Facebook page?

We have good news!

Now is the perfect time to examine your Facebook practices and make sure you're doing everything you can to attract more homebuyers to your page.

There's an even easier way to increase your Facebook homebuyer growth, but we'll get to that later.

First, having your Facebook page setup for homebuyers will give you these great advantages:

  • Your homebuyers trust you and want to know what you're offering
  • Homebuyers know you're always up to date with the market
  • Being professional and taking your business seriously shows you're there for your clients

Now that you've seen some of the benefits, here are four things you'll need to correct in order to get your Facebook page thriving with homebuyers:

1. Lacking Promotion

Your audience is not likely to discover your real estate page on their own.

If you're trying to build a larger fan base, then getting the word out by any means is the thing to do. Involve your happy customers as brand ambassadors and utilize Facebook advertising to attract people to your business page.

To create a Facebook ad, you'll want to select the tab on the top right of your Facebook.

hasap fb following isnt growing 2

Click on Create Ad, then follow the basic instruction Facebook provides for creating your Ad.

Pro tip: If you have a post that's already getting engagement, use the "Post Engagement" objective when creating a campaign to promote that current post. Or use the Boost button Facebook provides under each post.

2. Not Understanding Who's Your Audience

Knowing what potential homebuyers want and expect from your page is important.

One of the things they'll expect from a real estate professional is great access to listings on the market. If you do not provide such a resource, people will likely move on to other agents' pages on Facebook.

A great Facebook tool that'll provide what your audience expects is IDX Home Search. This fully-integrated Facebook MLS search provides a professional place for anyone to start looking for a home. With easy set-up and assistance, any agent can find success in growing their following and acquiring buyer leads.

3. Posting at the Wrong Times

Posting content when potential clients aren't on Facebook will yield fewer results.

If no one's seeing your posts when they are newly released, they'll likely get lost in the shuffle of the many updates people will be exposed to in Facebook's news feed. To determine the best time for posting, try experimenting with different times and track when people are interacting most with your posts.

You can find this information, and more, in your Facebook Page Insights.

hasap fb following isnt growing 3

4. Not Re-engaging with Your Current Fans

It's one thing to ask your fans questions on Facebook, or to share compelling content that warrants comments and likes.

However, it is entirely different for you to re-engage your fan base by responding to each comment and question. This is crucial for converting a Facebook fan to a lead. It is this re-engagement with your following that will keep them coming back, helping them to build stronger loyalty to your real estate brand.

Fixing these four aspects of your Facebook business page will help you grow your following faster and in the right way.

To fully increase your Facebook homebuyer growth even further, include a place for homebuyers to start their search. Providing a live MLS search for your homebuyers will greatly increase the amount of your buyer leads.

To view the original article, visit the HomeASAP blog.