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Digital Advertising: Not Just for Banner Ads Anymore

June 25 2018

hdc digital advertising not just for banner ads anymoreEffective advertising can cement your position in the community and attract buyers and sellers you wouldn't normally be able to reach. It can even turn a small, family-owned business into a household name.

But to plan an effective ad strategy, you need to know what ad types are available and how to use them. One of the most popular ways to advertise is online. This is called digital advertising. Learn about different digital ad types below.

Social media

One of the most popular ad platforms is social media. Most Americans have at least one social media account, giving it a broad reach. While the targeting capabilities of paid social media ads are phenomenal, you don't have to spend a fortune to get eyes on your business. When people interact with your social posts, most social sites will reward you by putting your post in front of more people. This is called organic reach, which costs nothing. However, it's unpredictable and can be more difficult to get than paid ads.


When you look at an item online but don't buy it, it follows you around the internet and shows up in all your ads. That's retargeting. You can use retargeting ads in your business to target buyers and sellers who have visited your website or clicked on your Facebook ads. That way, even if they didn't fill out a form or respond to your first outreach, they'll have frequent reminders that you're there to help.

Display ads

Large, brightly colored ads, display ads are basically online billboards. Banner ads are one of the most common display ads used in real estate. You typically have a lot of creative control with banner ads and can use whatever design you want within your ad's dimensions.

Native advertising

This is one of the most effective ad types because your content is relevant to and shows alongside the kind of content your audience purposefully sought out. Some of the most familiar native ads are on Google and Facebook. On Google, the first several results usually have a small "Ad" block next to them, letting you know someone paid for it to be there. On Facebook, you'll see a similar "Sponsored" notification when a post paid to be on your newsfeed.


Video ads are a great way to connect with possible leads on a personal level. They humanize you and your brand in a way no other ad can. You can show your video ads in many different places online, from video-viewing sites like YouTube, to social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, to your own website.

Email Marketing

You can spread word about your business through email by cultivating your contact lists, forming ties with HOAs, and by purchasing email lists. This can be extra effective if you are creating original blog content.


When you put a new listing in the MLS, that's advertising. Treat it as such. Paint a picture telling them why your listing's features make it a great home. How your listings look online is a direct reflection of your advertising prowess. Take time to analyze and edit your listing description to make sure it will appeal to buyers and sellers who want to list with you.

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