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Leveraging Technology to Better Communicate with Customers

October 03 2011



the benefits of communication skills

Every REALTOR® knows how important it is to establish relationships with potential clients, but some fail to understand the equal importance of nurturing those relationships. After meeting potential clients, you need to follow up and begin the process of building an actual relationship.

The Power of Good Communication
Good communication is the basis of any relationship so it’s vitally important to reach out to potential clients. If people don’t hear from you, they’ll assume you’re aloof to their needs. In proactively reaching out to your clients, it shows you’re genuinely engaged in the process of helping them buy or sell their home.

The Advantage of Technology
Fortunately, mobile devices, real estate technology and social media sites are making it easier to communicate with a large number of people on a regular basis.

Many REALTORS® are building a presence on social media sites to connect with their existing and potential clients in real time.  In doing so, REALTORS® can be available virtually anytime to answer questions or share information their clients may find useful.

When it comes time to begin negotiating, using real estate technology solutionsreal estate technology solutions gives a REALTOR® the advantage of real time communication during the home buying and selling process.

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Establishing good communication is vitally important for real estate transactions. REALTORS® who leverage the available technology are taking the necessary steps to effectively communicate with their customers.

Are you doing what it takes to effectively communicate with your customers?

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