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How to Use Texting as Part of Your Lead Follow-up and Nurturing Strategy

la sms follow up nurturing strategyIt used to be that the only way to instantly follow up with leads was to pick up the phone and call them. Then, email was introduced to the scene. Many homeowners preferred getting emails from real estate agents over phone calls because they could decide when to read the email and how they wanted to respond.

As time went on, email inboxes became inundated with tons of unwanted email messages from all kinds of companies, lowering open rates and making email much more difficult to succeed with.

Enter text message marketing. Not only do text messages have a 97 percent open rate, but if you are effectively sending them to your best prospects, you will close more business.

So who are these best prospects? What is it you want to send them to get them to become clients? Today, I'm going to cover this and give you some best practices to ensure you crush it and convert more leads.