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How to Consistently Generate 2-5 Leads per Day

May 24 2018

hdc generate 2 5 leads per dayIt all comes back to leads. How successful you are in real estate is determined by how many you can generate, contact, and convert, so if you want to be a six-figure agent you need a consistent influx of leads and a dependable conversion strategy.

In a recent webinar, Jason Wardrop, founder of Arsenal MKG, shared his secret to generating two to five leads per day even if you're new to real estate. Watch the recorded session here or find the essentials below!

Secret #1: Send People to Landing Pages

Facebook is a great way to find potential clients and direct them to your business, but there's a problem. Sending people from your Facebook ads to your website simply doesn't work. While maintaining your website is an essential part of growing and marketing your business, most real estate websites only capture around one percent of visitors. That's where the biggest secret to consistently generating two to five leads per day comes in; instead of sending ad clicks to your website, send them to landing pages. Wardrop explained that a landing page is "a simple page...that has no other distractions on the page." He claims that using landing pages can take your captured traffic from around one percent to ten or even twenty-five percent.

Secret #2: Use a Proven Strategy to Eliminate Cold Calls

If you love making or receiving cold calls, that's great! For most people, cold calls are miserable for both the caller and the recipient. Luckily, the second secret to becoming a six figure agent is eliminating the need for cold calls. Wardrop explained that "once we have that consistent flow of leads coming in, we want to have that automated, prequalification follow up in place to go through and prequalify all of our leads."

The process works like this: when someone clicks on your Facebook page, they'll go to your landing page, where you'll have a simple call-to-action giving them your lead form. Keep your lead capture form simple: ask for their name, email, and phone number. Once that's submitted, Wardrop suggests you show your phone number and ask your lead to call you (these will tend to be the most serious leads). Below that, have an option for leads to schedule an appointment with you via an appointment scheduling app (e.g. calendly). These will also be buyers and sellers who are ready to transact. Any leads who don't call you or set up an appointment aren't as hot—send them an automated email and enroll them in a drip campaign.

Secret #3: How to scale to $10,000 per month

How much money do you have to spend on advertising to get a lead? How much is your average commission per home? Once you answer those questions, determining how much advertising you need to invest in to reach six figures is easy. "When it comes to the magic number," Wardrop said, "it all comes down to knowing the conversion rate of our leads. And if we have a good idea of the conversion rate of our leads, like how many leads are actually going to convert into appointments and how many appointments are going to convert into deals, we can be more confident in putting money into our advertising."

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