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Simple Yet Effective Technology: RSS Feeds and Email Alerts

September 28 2011



rss logoThe increased efficiency, productivity, and transparency derived from quality real estate softwarereal estate software can’t be denied, but it shouldn’t be the only type of technology in a REALTOR’s® arsenal. There are other simple (and free) technologies available that are often overlooked. These simple technology solutions include RSS Feeds and email alerts.

RSS Feeds

Dubbed “Really Simple Syndication”, RSS feeds are used to publish frequently updated works including blogsblogs, news headlines and even audio and video.  Using RSS feeds, professionals can learn about a variety of topics, trends or techniques that are pertinent to their industry.  REALTORS® in particular can establish RSS feeds that pull information from prominent industry publications, opinion leaders or even an association they may belong to. By aggregating the useful information in one place, REALTORS® can save time by having information delivered to them.

Email Alerts

Email alerts are a service offered by most email providers that filter search criteria and deliver the results straight to an inbox.  Google AlertsGoogle Alerts in particular allows a person to filter information based on frequency, the type and quality of content.  For instance, say a REALTOR® specifically wants to receive news-only articles relating to short sales.  That REALTOR® can then determine which publication the news comes from and how often they receive it.

Use these technologies to be made aware of articles, posts, and news from the best real estate blogs and websites to get that information as soon as it becomes available. They allow you to take a more proactive approach in acquiring useful data to help you make informed decisions.

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