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Matt Fagioli is a Gracious Guy

September 26 2011

Today, finding a brand that is not too awkward, and has an available domain name, Twitter handle, and Facebook handle is pretty hard. At one point, I was thinking that there could be a business built around pulling these three online brand identities together and selling them to new companies. I spoke with a friend who does movie marketing for Sony – she laughed in my face – saying that they spend so many millions marketing their media that they can invent brands and identities  - and that is what they do.

Yielding her advice, we did not worry too much when we named RE Technology. We ended up getting retechnologyinc on twitter and facebook – which was fine. But xplode founder Matt Fagioli called us today with a gift. He gave us the twitter handle @retechnology! Moreover, he showed us how to move all of our twitter followers over to that account from the RE Technology account, without disturbing anything.

Our sincere thanks to Matt. Please go to his conferences if you can – the next one is in Dallas. You can learn more about them here:

Switching Identities
If you need to switch identities on Twitter, it is super easy. Here is how.

The person who is giving up the account needs to log into their account and switch their user name in the setting tab. So, in Matt’s case, he switched his username to something random. His followers were moved over to that random account name.

Then we logged into the @retechnologyinc account. We were then able to change our username to retechnology – and Twitter acknowledged that it was available. There you go - easy cheesy.

Please follow @retechnology on Twitter.