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The Real Estate Referral Machine for Lifelong Business

webbox referral machine for lifelong business 1

Ask a dozen real estate professionals which leads that enter their funnel are the most likely to get to the closing table, and most will agree that it's real estate referrals. They come with a built-in positive attitude about you and all you have to do is reinforce it.

How do you grow real estate referral business? There are a lot of those cards and emails out there saying things like:

  • "Hi, remember me, that great Realtor who helped you buy your home?"
  • "Happy birthday from your favorite real estate agent."
  • "Just checking in to see how you're enjoying that home I helped you to buy."
  • "I really appreciate your referrals, so let others know about my services."

There are plenty more like this; the idea is to keep your name in front of past clients so they may think of you when a friend or relative is buying or selling real estate. These type of ongoing followup emails and cards may get you a few referrals, but they are just as likely to be annoying and end up in the trash or email unsubscribes. If you want to up your game with post-transaction referral marketing, here are some proven strategies that work.