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Quality Reigns Supreme

September 22 2011

This past weekend, in need of a new television stand, a sojourn was made to a popular discount store for an inexpensive, viable piece that would work.  After making the purchase ($49.95) and lugging the flat, three foot by two foot box back to the house, assembly was the next task.  Upon opening the box, all parts were removed from the packaging, verified and, laid out for the next step. 

While all the parts were on the floor it was easier to examine exactly what this product was made from.  Let’s see; particle board (not even very good particle board at that), a black plastic veneer, and, formed plastic wheels.  During assembly it was not even possible to tighten the screws too well, as they would immediately break loose the particle board and fall out. This thing is supposed to hold up a TV set, a DVD player and quite a few accessories. Needless to say, that would get anyone worried. True story.

Now, would you contemplate this same quality product in developing your web presence?

Everyone is looking for the best price in all purchases these days.  But that does not mean you should settle for an inferior product or one that does not meet your performance standards and expectations. Most certainly those of your prospects and customers. This is especially important when the service being purchased is your Internet marketing site and web presence.

Setting performance standards is critical to your decision making process.  Your website is your online presence and more than likely today, the first contact a prospective customer will have with you.  A few items to consider are whether the site is easy to navigate and whether it allows you to populate it with useful information that prospects desire. Does the service provide automated responses to consumers?  Other items such as easy access to reports on listing views, where your listings are syndicated and, how leads are routed to you are also important concerns in building and establishing effective web presence. But they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg either.

And how about ease-of-use and setup? Imagine a simple, powerful website that you can set up in as little as three minutes, compared to the TV stand nightmare scenario.

Consider a good brand. The underpinnings of well-respected brands such as Point2, a name you’re likely familiar with and relied upon by tens of thousands of users in 120 countries, mean reliability, quality and importantly, flexibility in a number of ways. The solution you choose should provide you with options to build your web presence around.  Product alternatives designed to grow with you as your business develops and grows, not stick you with a swath of tools and functionality you pay for but just don’t need right now.  New thinking that, for example, the newly released Point2 Express Tools suite of products offers, including the 3 minute website solution3 minute website solution, Site Builder. All designed to give you the edge in your real estate business.

Make the smart, cost effective choice when building your web presence.  After all, you don’t want the wheels to come off the first time you use it, which, by the way, is exactly what happened with the TV stand!

This article was written by guest contributor, Point2 Agent. To learn more, visit their website: