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Attract More Leads with the Right Mindset, Skillset, and Actions

March 12 2018

hdc attract more leads mindset skillset and actionsIt's hard to overemphasize the importance of having a system in the real estate business. A system helps you go from an "on-accident" agent who works hard and does their best to put transactions together to an "on-purpose" agent who generates consistent positive results.

Larry Kendall recently shared tips from his new book discussing how agents can use the Ninja Selling System to become "on-purpose" agents. This system is built around three success keys: your mindset, your skillset, and your actions.


Everyone knows that first impressions matter. Tips for making the best first impression are everywhere, with advice ranging from how to dress to what kind of car to drive. But even more important than these outward signals is the vibe you put off.

"Psychologists tell us, at any given point in time, that a human makes a choice to either be a player or a victim," Kendall explained. "Nobody wants to work with a victim. ... People really prefer to work with players."

So before you do anything else, get in the right mindset and start generating that positive vibe!


Many real estate agents spend a lot of time chasing down their next lead, but using Kendall's method, you let the leads to come to you. This works because, as Kendall pointed out, "People love to buy, but they hate to be sold." That doesn't mean you just sit back and wait for the leads, however—you have to hone your skills and create value to actively attract them.

You create value for your leads by solving a problem for them or making them feel good. Making them feel good can be as simple as sending them a birthday card or following up on their closing anniversary, but solving their problems isn't always so easy.

How do you find out what problems they have? You have to ask questions. This is where your skills come in. If someone starts to feel like you're trying to sell them something, according to Kendall, "They're going to try to get away or they're going to put up a shield."

Practice asking good questions and being a good listener. This will keep your conversations natural while also allowing you to uncover any potential upcoming real estate transactions. Strike up conversations with people, whether it's the other parents at the soccer game or the person in line ahead of you at the checkout lane, about their family/friends, occupation, recreation, and dreams (F.O.R.D.). "If there's a change in any of these four core areas, it's probably going to affect their real estate."


In our fast-paced, over-extended schedules, it's easy to become transaction focused. A survey of 13,249 households revealed that 74 percent of people never had any contact from their agent after closing, and of those who did, only 6 percent had regular contact. Maintaining your relationship after a sale is crucial to generating referrals. Kendall stated that "every adult in the United States knows at least four people who will be moving this year, so the ninja has not a transaction mindset, but a referral mindset, and a referral focus."

Take actions on a daily or weekly basis to generate a continuous stream of buyer and seller referrals and dramatically increase your income per hour.

To find out more about the Ninja Selling System, find the full webinar here or purchase your copy of Larry Kendall's new book, Ninja Selling: Subtle Skills. Big Results. Register for the next free webinar at for more great tips from industry leaders.

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