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March Content Ideas for Your Blog and Social Channels

February 26 2018

hdc march 2018 content ideas

If you want to increase your online presence, creating fresh, unique content is a great way to make an impact. However, coming up with content ideas can be hard! We can help; instead of spending hours trying to come up with blog and social topics, check back with us each month for a list of ideas you can expand upon. Find March's topics below to get started!

  • Tip: Pictures of recognizable, local landmarks will be more appealing and meaningful to people in your community than generic images.

Download a printable version of these topics here!

Holidays and Occasions

Some of the month-long observances in March include Women's History Month, National Nutrition Month, Social Work Month, and Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Here are some other things happening in March and ideas on how to create content around them.

Spring Break

  • Reputable spring break camps and programs for kids
  • 3 places to visit during spring break
  • Expected traffic changes

Saint Patrick's Day – March 17th

  • Local parades or events
  • Safe driving reminders
  • Party or theme ideas

Spring – March 20th to June 21st

  • Best gardens
  • Gardening tips
  • Local events/festival

General Topics

Content that you can rework and reuse in different ways and on different platforms is an important part of a social strategy. Some topics you may want to explore in March include:

  • Gardening tips
  • Your favorite time saving apps
  • Relaxation tips
  • Anything new in your area
  • Share or comment on a story from the local paper
  • Most scenic roads in your area
  • Upcoming sporting events

Real Estate

Just because you shouldn't exclusively post real estate related content doesn't mean you should avoid it all together. Some real estate topics you could explore include:

  • Spring home maintenance
  • Recommended moving companies
  • Open house dos and don'ts
  • Explain the different mortgage types
  • What to know before you sell your home
  • Video home tour
  • Showcase a member of your team

Visit or any of our social channels for ideas on how to expand these topics! We have tons of articles that you are welcome to share with your buyers, sellers, leads, and renters!

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