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If You Think Pay-Per-Click Ads Are a Waste of Money...Mistake!

webbox ppc waste money mistake

It can be fun to ask real estate professionals the question, "How much real estate PPC, Pay-Per-Click, advertising do you do?" The answers vary a lot:

  • "None, never tried it, not in my marketing budget."
  • "Tried it, but never got any good leads"
  • "Tried it, spent a lot of money, leads not worth the cost."
  • "I do a little" or "I'm testing it."

It's those last two answers that should get your attention. They could very well be a successful professional who is getting high quality leads from PPC, but they don't want to tell you. After all, you're competing with others in your market area with your PPC ads, and that can run up the cost of each click, so why talk about success?

The first three answers, whether they know it or not, are often because they've never learned the true value of real estate pay-per-click marketing, they tried it without doing it right, or both. That one successful person isn't going to tell you their secrets, but we can here.