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How Agents Can Understand (and Improve) Their Facebook Reach

February 09 2018

Just when you think you have a handle on Facebook, they go and change the game againthey go and change the game again. New changes to the Facebook algorithm means that it will be even more difficult for your Facebook business PAGE to appear in your followers' streams--but it's not impossible.

At first glance, here are a few "workarounds" the industry is talking about:

  • Utilizing video — It looks like video will still be favored over traditional Facebook posts. We know, video can be scary. Jump below for a link to one of our most recent blogs on how to leverage video to your advantage.
  • Creating groups — There are personal PROFILES, business PAGES and GROUPS on Facebook; each work a bit differently. Having a GROUP may become one of the best ways to engage with your target audience. Here's more on groups.Here's more on groups.
  • Work with lists — Did you know you can create a list on Facebook to sort the content you see in your feed? Imagine a list of past/current clients where you can quickly jump to their content and naturally engage with them. Here's more on lists.Here's more on lists.
  • Having a "paid" strategy — If you can't organically reach your followers, there's always paid ads and boosted posts. In 2018 and beyond, it will be important that a paid strategy is part of your social media game plan. Jump below for more on boosted posts.

In our recent Facebook reach blog series, we explored all of this and more! Here's a quick synopsis:

#1. Personal PROFILE or Business PAGE: What's the right choice for real estate agents?

rdc facebook reach for agents 1

There's a big difference between a personal PROFILE on Facebook and a business PAGE. If you're starting out on Facebook, read this first. If you're already on Facebook and are not sure which one you have, read this first.

#2. 6 Quick ways to dust off your Facebook account and get back on the social media bandwagon

rdc facebook reach for agents 2

It's easy to fall off the social media bandwagon when you're busy with the day-to-day hustle of real estate. Here are six quick ways that you can dust off your Facebook account and get back into the game.

#3. Fewer eyeballs are seeing your Facebook posts: How agents can uncover their true reach

rdc facebook reach for agents 3

Understanding your true reach (how many people are actually seeing your Facebook posts in their stream) is important when you're trying to up your social media game. Learn where to find these all-important pieces of data.

#4. Video is the emperor: 5 video options for agents to fuel their Facebook reach

rdc facebook reach for agents 4

If you want more eyeballs on your Facebook posts, try video—they get triple the engagement than regular posts! Here are five video options that agents can use to help fuel their reach. (There's even some that don't require your face on the screen!)

#5. Agents, Grow Your Facebook reach: Trade your daily coffee habit for boosted posts

rdc facebook reach for agents 5

Boosted posts on Facebook can be less expensive than your daily coffee habit and they can mean big results for your reach. Walk through this step-by-step lesson to learn how to boost your most popular posts.

#6. Facebook post fatigue: Why agents might want to slow their roll on Facebook

Several recent studies show that limiting the number of times you're posting (and focusing on quality content when you do) can help boost both your reach AND engagement. Learn how to choose the right content and what "slowing your roll" really means.

What's working for you?

What are your best tips for leveraging market data? We'd love to hear from you! Share your favorites on our Facebook page!

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