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Do You Want To Move More Rentals?

September 18 2011

Here at RE Technology, we spend a lot of time talking about selling homes, but haven’t focused much on rentals. Today, that ends. We’re beginning a new series of articles that will address the challenges of this specific market, providing ways that landlords and brokers can improve their rental business. The topic du jour: deal flow.

My guide into the brave new (rental) world was Kyle Paice of RentJuice. Together, we looked at the challenges faced by the rental community and how RentJuice ( can help.

Challenge #1: Deal Flow
“Many of our customers faced a significant challenge with deal flow,” says Mr. Paice. “They needed to expand their book of business in order to move rentals faster. We created our Partner Directory as a solution for this problem.”

The Partner Directory allows landlords to share listings, to connect with brokers in their area, and share their listings with those brokers. They have the power to choose to:

  • Share listings openly with everyone. When a listing is open, any broker can market the listing and try to fill the rental. This is, under most circumstances, the fastest way to move a listing.
  • Share listings only with a select group of brokers in their network.

“RentJuice is also equipped with advanced analytics,” explains Mr. Paice. “What this means for landlords is that they can see which broker is most effective with their listings. For example, they can see each broker’s number of page views per listing, and determine who’s crafting the best headlines for their ad."

“Tools like this make RentJuice an excellent choice for experienced and inexperienced landlords alike,” Mr. Paice continues. “Let’s say you’ve just you own multiple properties that you’ve decided to rent . You’ve got a job, a family, and you don’t have the time to optimally market the listing. RentJuice can help you find the best broker or move the property faster by sharing it openly.”

The Partner Directory is as beneficial for brokers as it is for landlords. From a broker’s point of view, the Partner Directory can be the key to increasing the number of deals they push through. How? When each broker joins RentJuice, they’re given a walk-through of the site’s features. During this demo, they’ll learn the number of landlords in their area that are openly sharing listings. With those open listings, they have instantly increased the number of deals they can close.

About RentJuice
For an industry-insider's perspective on what RentJuice has to offer, I talked to Victor Lund, CEO of RE Technology. He explains, "Rent Juice is offering real estate brokers the same features and functionality that they are accustomed to experiencing through listing syndication tools like Point2 or Listhub – but they go further to meet the unique matching and reporting needs for rental management companies."

Brokers and landlords can learn more about apartment advertisingapartment advertising from RentJuice, and get a free demo, at

Talk to Me
This is just my first foray into the wonderful world of rentals. We have more articles coming your way. Talk to me about the topics you want covered.

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