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Stand Out in Your Market and Win Listings for Less with All-in-one Marketing

January 23 2018

Real estate agents - are you looking for new ways to differentiate yourself in 2018 and win listings for less? Top agents from RE/MAX, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Century21, and more are flocking to all-in-one marketing services like Matterport that provide both traditional and cutting-edge marketing at affordable rates.

With Matterport, real estate agents can get HDR photos, teaser videos, floor plans, 3D walkthroughs, and virtual reality from one fast, easy 3D scan. By getting traditional and cutting-edge marketing assets from the same one-stop shop, they are able to reduce their per-listing marketing expenses and offer stand-out marketing like virtual reality for all of their clients (and not just a select few). This is helping them attract more home sellers and buyers alike. Learn how it all works in Matterport's most recent webinar.

In fact, according to a new survey from Coldwell Banker, 62 percent of U.S. consumers would be more likely to choose an agent that offers virtual reality property tours over an agent that does not. What's more, virtual reality tours can save you and your clients time on unnecessary showings. The survey found that 84 percent of prospective buyers would like to see video footage of a home, and 77 percent would like to be able to take a virtual reality tour before visiting a listing.

For Realtor and broker Lisa Larkin, who uses Matterport to create 3D virtual tours of her listings, this is a huge benefit for her sellers. "A lot of my clients like it because it doesn't involve them being disturbed as much because people can look at the 3D and decide if this is a home they really wanna see," she says. "I've actually used it to screen buyers and say, 'If you haven't looked at the 3D, my seller will not let you in.'"

Larkin isn't alone in recognizing the value of 3D property tours. Last spring, jumped ahead of the virtual reality trend by partnering with Matterport to display 3D property tours on their website and on the mobile app. And in May of last year, Matterport further increased their value when they debuted new camera technology that lets agents generate a 3D tour, as well as high-definition listing photos, a property video tour, floor plans, and virtual reality--all from a single, low cost session.

Here are other ways that agents are using Matterport to benefit their real estate practice:

  • Reducing Facebook advertising costs - Agents can generate animated "teaser" images from their Matterport tours to share online. Because these animations are more eye-catching than still images, agents who use them in their Facebook ads are seeing great results. "On Facebook, my cost per click is down to .07/click when it was .18-.22 because of the GIF teaser videos from Matterport,” says RE/MAX agent Jason Miller.

  • For basic photography needs - Because high-definition photographs are automatically generated when you create a Matterport 3D tour, many agents are foregoing the traditional listing photoshoot. "“I used to use my iPhone to take photos of a property, but now I just pull them directly from my Matterport tours," says Gina Howarth, an agent with RE/MAX.

  • To impress sellers during listing presentations - Larkin shows potential sellers Matterport 3D tours on her phone or Macbook during listing presentations. "I show it to them there and they just can't believe it," she says. Larkin isn't the only agent who leans on the "wow" power of virtual reality to win over clients. According to Keller Williams agent Matthew McKenna, "We haven’t lost a single listing since we started including Matterport in our listing presentation."

  • To sell homes faster - In addition to satisfying the virtual reality demands of today's home buyer, 3D property tours can help agents go to market faster and reduce marketing costs by generating multiple assets from a single property visit. "Thanks to Matterport, I just sold an $8 million home for full price in cash," says Amanda Todd, an agent with Keller Williams.

Want to see how 3D property tours can benefit your listings? Find a Matterport Service Partner here. For a limited time, Matterport is also offering special financing to agents looking to purchase a Matterport camera of their own. Click here and fill out the form to get started.