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Engaging Your Customers to Better Serve Their Needs

September 15 2011



work together

Social media differs in a very fundamental way from traditional websites. Where a traditional website’s content is static, social media updates in real time with the contributions of users. Real estate technology solutions are also making it possible for REALTORS® to facilitate interactive engagementinteractive engagement throughout the home buying and selling process for their clients.  

Engagement leads to Interaction
The strength of social media sites stems from their ability to provide a platform for interaction. Users visit and enjoy these social media outlets because they can easily share images, videos, and conversations with other like-minded people.

REALTORS® can use social media to address comments, questions and concerns posed by their clients or prospective customers. Instead of reaching clients through advertising, engagement tends to resonate better.

Collaborating in the Transaction
Successful real estate transactions are a product of relationships.  Many REALTORS® recognize this and incorporate social media-style engagement into transactions using real estate technology solutions.

These REALTORS® are increasing engagement through interactive technology that allows their clients to collaborate in real-time during the process of buying or selling a home. Interactive transaction platformsInteractive transaction platforms allow a REALTOR® to execute deals in real time to create an immediate home buying and selling experience their clients expect.

Therefore, both social media and interactive technology solutions are increasing engagement to better address a client’s needs.

What are you doing to increase engagement with your customers?

To view the original article by Austin Allison, visit the DotLoop blogDotLoop blog.