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4 Powerful Reasons Why a CRM Will Improve Your Real Estate Business

January 05 2018

The hub of a successful real estate agent's business often starts with a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Real estate is a business of relationships. Rather than running your business without a plan, a CRM can help you manage your business relationships with intent and care.

Not sold on the benefits of a CRM? Consider these four powerful reasons why a CRM will improve your real estate business.

1. Streamline your business efforts.

The success of a real estate business often hinges on if the agent has a system in place and if they are consistent with their marketing efforts.

A CRM will help you manage your client contacts and your day-to-day systems. Using a CRM to manage your contacts and your systems, you can see which clients and marketing tasks are the most profitable for your business.

2. Manage your work pipeline.

Like a traditional business, real estate has financial peaks and valleys. Many agents do not have a system to manage their cash flow. This leaves many agents to function on a toxic cycle of having money to pinching pennies.

A CRM can reduce your financial stress by managing your work pipeline. Use your CRM to manage projected income from properties you have listed and under contract. This allows you to easily see where you might need to "beef up" prospecting efforts to increase your income.

3. Keep your business data in one place.

Manage your contacts, marketing efforts and your transactions using a CRM. Using one program to manage your business efforts will increase your productivity and save you money.

4. Manage client information.

Maximize every opportunity to connect with leads and nurture business relationships. Many CRMs offer a task management system which allows an agent to schedule email campaigns or set client reminders. Never miss another opportunity to follow up with a lead or client!

A CRM does not have to break the bank to be effective. If you are new to using a CRM, enter your contacts and information into a simple Excel spreadsheet. This gives you the opportunity to compile your information in one place while making it easy to transfer your data to another system later.

There are many programs customized for real estate that range in capabilities. To determine what CRM system is right for your business, consider the needs of your business now and in the future. Before making an investment, consider testing out several products to find out which product will fit your business needs.

Managing your business with intent and care will help you be more productive and profitable. A CRM is a powerful real estate tool that a real estate agent shouldn't be without.


kellie tinnin authorKellie Tinnin holds a full-time position as the Training Administrator for the Greater Albuquerque Association of REALTORS® in Albuquerque, NM. Kellie embodies a passion for the real estate industry. Before accepting the position with GAAR, she was a top-producing real estate broker and real estate trainer.

On a personal note, Kellie is one of those "dog" people, and her English Bulldog Momo is her fur child. When she is not working, she can be found relaxing with Momo and her husband, exploring many of the excellent eateries and attractions that Albuquerque offers. Reach Kellie at [email protected].