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20+ Scripts and Tips to Help You Communicate Better in 2018

December 28 2017

"Cat got your tongue?" is not something that the typical agent hears a lot. While real estate agents are often known as outgoing people-lovers, there are times when even the most gregarious agents are at a loss for words.

For example, does the thought of cold calling make you clam up? Do you avoid keeping in touch with past clients because... well, you just don't know what to say to rekindle the relationship?

If so, read on, because we've nearly two dozen resources that will help make you a better communicator in the year ahead. From lead closing scripts to tips on reading body language, the links below can help you better connect with clients and up your real estate game in 2018.

Stay on Top of Current Trends

The times, they are ever a-changing, especially when it comes to communication preferences.

For example--today's largest (and youngest) group of home buyers, Millennials, are known to dislike voicemail so much that they often don't listen to their messages. Does that mean if you have an important message for your Millennial client, you avoid voicemail altogether? What's the alternative? Texting? Find out here: Is Voicemail Dead? When to Leave a Message, When to Cut and Run.

Speaking of evolving communication trends, have you ever been "ghosted" by a client? That's a new term of the modern smartphone era that we're living in, but it perfectly describes how some leads go quiet and stop responding to your communication attempts. Here's how you can prevent leads from ghosting on you.

And here are a few things real estate agents of 20 years ago never had to deal with: writing an online bio and YouTube. If worries about how you'll look and sound is stopping you from creating videos, see this article on how to overcome video anxiety. If your "About Me" page is giving you writer's block read Real Estate Agent Bios: What Your 'About Us' Says to Your Customers.

Know What to Say and When

Confidence is key to being an effective communicator. But when you're unsure of what to say, your confidence can take a hit. From wooing expired listings to closing leads, here are real estate scripts you can lean on in any situation:

Amp Up Your Marketing

Want an easy way to start a friendly conversation with real estate leads? Turn to Facebook Messenger! In 2017, the social media giant began allowing marketers to set the landing page of their ads as the Messenger app. Learn more here: How to Close More Real Estate Deals with Facebook Messenger.

Speaking of ads, let's check in with your listing campaigns. If your ads aren't getting as many clicks as you'd like, try writing 'benefits' ads to attract more buyers.

And if you'd just like a refresher on the ever-growing number of digital marketing terms, check out Real Estate Definitions Handbook for Sales, Marketing and Tech Terminology.

Don't Forget Email

Agents can use email in multiple ways: keeping in touch with past clients, passing along important info to current clients, and even warming up leads.

Learn how to use a simple, nine-word email to check in with cold seller prospects. If titling your emails is a challenge, find out how to write better email subject lines.

Responsiveness is a critical element in converting online leads, but real estate agents are too busy with showings and client management to respond instantly to every lead that comes in. That's where email can come in handy. Learn how to automate email responses to new leads in Tips for Taming Your Inbox: Setting Up Canned Responses.

Read Between the Lines

You may not know it, but you could be using certain words that provoke a negative reaction in clients. Find out more in this short video: Stop Using 'Toxic' Words to Improve Communication with Clients and Leads.

And finally, let's not forget that what goes unsaid is as important as what is said. Get control of your body language and learn how to read others' in How to Read Body Language to Build Rapport and Win More Listings.