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Sneak Peek: Follow the Leader - Ian Morris

Ian Morris Portrait

Today, we're giving agents a look at our MLS series, Follow the Leader.

When you're heading a company called "Market Leader," you face a certain expectation, an assumption that you've "got what it takes." The good news for Ian Morris is that he does – he has what it takes to lead a publicly-traded company and an industry. And, today, he's RE Technology's leader to follow.

It's no surprise that Ian Morris came quickly to mind for this week's Follow the Leader. We've had our eye on Market Leader for some time and noticed something rather striking in recent months – under Ian's guidance, they've been shifting their business into high gear. That's just one metaphor (one of many we could use) to express a series of announcements and innovations.

He Wrote the Book on It
Yes, the real estate industry is changing. And who better to explain it to us than someone who literally wrote the book on it? You see, Mr. Morris also found time to co-author (with Steve Murray, president of Real Trends Inc.) an excellent guide to the changing industry and how to be successful in it called "Game Plan." We really enjoyed this book (you can read our review here) and highly recommend it to any agent or broker looking for an edge.

Ian's Fresh Thinking
We sat down with Ian Morris to learn more about the innovative new approach he's taking. "I believe that great companies and great innovations arise in bad times, not good," he begins. "We've found a way to rise above the challenges facing our industry and turn them into positive changes for our company and for real estate professionals."