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First-time Home Buyers Flock to Realtors Who Provide Answers

To get a clear picture of what many first time home buyers consider important in their home search and purchase, we need to step into their shoes and see the process from their point of view. We can't see into their minds, but there are some facts that can help us to understand their concerns and motivations:

  • This purchase will most likely be the largest they have ever made in the past and will make in the near future.
  • They are often in their first job or early in their careers, possibly somewhat unsure of the stability of their employment.
  • A lot of online research has already been done before they ever meet you in person.
  • After the crash in 2006 forward, they've seen relatives lose their homes or suffer through equity loss, so they want to buy something that will gain value over time.
  • If buying an existing home, there are concerns about buying a home with condition or structural problems.
  • How much a first offer should be, as everyone wants a bargain, but they do not want to make an offer mistake.
  • They want to avoid making an affordability mistake, wanting to understand the costs of ownership as well as purchase.
  • Many will be hesitant about working with a real estate professional at first, fearing that they are being "sold to" instead of helped in the process.

What will help first-time home buyers trust their Realtor? How do we attract them with marketing to get in touch? Even more targeted, how to work with first-time home buyers is what we need to know.