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How to Get Busy During the Holidays to Stay Busy in January

November 23 2017

Trying to stay warm this winter? Get busy with real estate selling prep. Really! Though the reputation for winter as a dead season abounds, there are tons of things you can accomplish in the winter that will allow you to make better use of your time post-tax season and when the summer rush hits. Ditch spring cleaning for the snowier variety!

Rather than waiting for warmer, busier seasons, take advantage of this time to:

Check inventory

Ensure all inventory is as up-to-date as possible.

Review listings

Look at spring listings now so they'll be ready to post in the spring.

Update contacts

Before it's time to send holiday correspondence.

Contact snowbirds

Let them know what's new in the area.

Reach out to clients

Keep in touch with those you have helped in the past. Oftentimes, the busyness and success of the spring season is based on what you accomplished the fall and winter before.

Get sellers on the bandwagon

Winter is also a great time for sellers to get ready for the spring season, preparing their home inside and out for the market. Get them on board by explaining that it takes months to get a home truly ready for listing, and the best prepped, highest curb appeal, move-in ready homes will be the first to fly off the shelves come spring.

Consider auctions

To boost buyer interest this time of year.

Don’t neglect prospects

Those buying and selling this time of year tend to be serious.

Catch up

On all those little things you let go the rest of the year when real estate selling is insane.

Look ahead

Get your ducks in a row for the spring and summer market with a strategic plan.

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