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Landing Page Ideas that Win Over Home Buyers

November 15 2017

How do you create a landing page that potential home buyers will respond to?

That's what an RE Technology reader wanted to know recently. She wondered if it was possible to create a landing page that lets leads search for properties right from the page.

We're happy to report that, yes, dear reader, there is a way to do that—several ways, in fact—and today, we'll run through a list of ideas.

The IDX Option

If you have an agent website with IDX property search, you can lean on it to create your landing pages.

The simplest, most obvious strategy is to make the main page of your IDX search solution your landing page. This means that, for example, any person who clicks on your "Looking for a home in Minneapolis?" Facebook ad will go directly to your IDX search page. If you go this route, be sure you're forcing visitors to register on your site in order to search, as this is the one guaranteed way that you'll capture their information with this landing page strategy.

That's a bit of a primitive approach, especially if your IDX website isn't explicitly designed to capture leads. So here's the next step up: Many modern IDX solutions let you create landing pages with property search embedded. Typically, these pages are designed to capture leads, so your results should be better than what you'd get with the first approach. If you're not sure if your IDX solution offers this, contact your vendor and inquire (and don't forget to ask about pricing; this capability may be free or it may incur an extra fee).

Finally, you can also create landing pages based on custom IDX searches. For example, you can create a landing page for homes under $300,000 in X neighborhood, or for beach front condos in Y city. You can do this if your IDX solution lets you create custom search URLs. This method lets you build super-targeted ads and show them to only the most relevant audience. Added bonus? This typically means that you'll spend less money on advertising and get better results.

We said it once already, but it bears repeating: if you choose to incorporate IDX search in your landing page, be sure you're capturing leads. Force visitors to register on your site to search for homes. Otherwise, you risk them visiting your page and leaving without offering their contact info. And no contact info means they never enter your sales funnel!

An Alternative Approach

If you don't use an IDX solution, or you'd simply prefer an approach that's a little more sophisticated, consider using a real estate landing page tool that's ready to deploy right out of the box.

We're talking about Cloud Attract, a easy-to-manage landing page tool from the makers of Cloud CMA. We co-hosted a webinar with them recently that primarily focused on using Cloud Attract to engage seller leads--but we're happy to report that it can be used to win over buyers, too.

This is accomplished two ways: by capturing landing page visitors' contact info and preferred property criteria so you can follow-up manually, or by setting them up with Cloud Streams. Cloud Streams is a elegant listing alerts app that's featured in our 2017-18 Technology Guide2017-18 Technology Guide. It relies on MLS data to send your leads and clients listing alerts that are faster and more accurate than any property search portal out there. In many cases, alerts are even faster than those from your MLS!

Consumers can then click on those alerts to view the property in Cloud Streams' private search environment, where they can search for more properties, like or dislike properties, and communicate with their agents. Agents are able to view all of their clients' activity from within Cloud Streams in order to better understand what their buyers are searching for and to assist them in that search.

What's more, Cloud Streams can even upend your leads' dependence on portals, thanks to its superior speed and sleek design. And even after closing a transaction, your buyers can choose to continue receiving alerts to keep their finger on the pulse of neighborhood market activity. Cloud Streams is always branded to you, the agent, so this is a great way to keep your face and contact information in front of clients for long haul.

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