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Do’s and Do Not’s of Email Newsletters

September 08 2011

As you know, the job of an agent/broker can continue on past the sale of a house and, if done correctly, contact you have with customers post-sale can lead to more business. One way to continue communication and stay relevant with past clients is through your own email newsletter. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you maximize on that potential.

Do position yourself as an expert

Just like with social media, you want to position yourself as the expert in your area. This can mean giving advice on appraisals, updates on the current real estate market, cool spots or things to do around town, etc.

Tip: Make sure to put “real estate lingo” into plain, easy to understand terms. For example, some of your readers won’t know what earnest money or attorney review mean, so help them by explaining further.

Don’t splash your listings on each edition

It can be tempting to put your new listings on each newsletter you send out, but we would recommend refraining from doing that too often. If your readers are looking for homes for sale for themselves or friends, that’s what your website(s) is for (and feel free to put easy to find links at the bottom by your contact info).

Tip: Your newsletter shouldn’t necessarily be a tool to get more direct sales, but instead can lead to more meaningful conversations with past and present clients. Nothing will make a reader unsubscribe quicker than constantly being pitched to, so just keep an eye out for this common pitfall.

Do have a bit of information for everyone

Know that buyers, sellers and homeowners will all be reading your newsletter (and potentially forwarding to friends). Keep that in mind when creating or linking to content and provide enough information so everyone is included.

Tip: You can make sure there’s something for everyone by having different sections… e.g. Homeowner’s Corner, Buyer’s Guide and Helpful Tips for Sellers.

Do feature your client’s success stories

In a hard time for the real estate market, it’s perfect to lift readers spirits with success stories. Ask your clients who just purchased or sold their home with you for some quotes about the experience or exciting plans for their future. Your readers will appreciate the fact that your past clients are satisfied and you’ll stay on their mind for future real estate transactions. This doesn’t have to be done for every sale or every newsletter, but can be the perfect addition if you are scrambling for content.

Tip: Try to stay away from making these stories about your role and instead make it a showcase for your client. The proof is in their success so it doesn’t need to be a direct advertisement for your services.

Don’t give up

Just like with any marketing you do, it will take a while to get into the rhythm of consistent newsletter writing. Remember to put your personality into it and don’t be afraid to try new ideas. The newsletter format and content can evolve with you and hopefully get better with time!

Tip: You don’t even have to create this all on your own if the time simply isn’t there. Try partnering with other agents in your office or local business owners to help provide content.

The absolute key to email newsletters is to remind yourself… there is no right or wrong, simply what ideas work best for you in your market!

Have any other email newsletter tips? We’d love to hear them!